Who we are

DBNG stands for Dream, Believe, Never Give Up, and Gratitude. These core values, shaped by our experiences, guide us to achieve dreams and happiness.

Our mission is to inspire and spread positivity through quality of various lifestyle products that empower YOU to dream big, believe in yourselves, never give up, and practice gratitude. Feel the uplifting impact of our high-quality products designed to inspire every day.

Explore our collections now and infuse positivity into every aspect of your life.


Everything around us were started by a dream of someone. From as simple as a lamp, airplane, mobile phone until AI technology, it's a sign that nothing is impossible.

DREAM BIG and set your sights high. Your dreams are the blueprint of your future, guiding you to a life filled with purpose and passion. If you don't feel nervous with your dream, it means it's not big enough or it's not worth enough.


Nobody in this world will believe in your dream, except you!

Believe in yourself and your journey. Trust that you have the strength and potential to turn your dreams into reality.

Visualize it, feel it like you have achieve it, this is how you boost your self-belief that will fuels your ambitions and drives you forward.


Whatever your dream, it won't be overnight success, it will take time, it's a journey. No matter what happen, no matter the obstacles, just DON'T QUIT. Be patience, persistence and consistently keep moving forward!

You will never lose in your journey achieving your dream, as long as you DON'T QUIT!


Regardless where you are in your progress to achieve your dream, regardless you win or lose, always be grateful... Be GRATEFUL for whatever you have TODAY, whatever it is, even for the smallest things.

Practice gratitude and you will surprise what you will get in return!